The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine went to three Americans who discovered how telomeres, protects the ends of chromosomes, and discovery of an enzyme called telomerase which maintains telomeres, and can restore them to their original length and reverse aging.

Now in 2014, five years later, we are taking the science out of the laboratories and home to your best friend.

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The three Nobel Price laureats are:

Though the Nobel Prize was given for the benefit of humans, the science is not limited to humans, it has the same or even better efficiency on animals. It should be enough for sceptics to see that a Nobel Prize has been awarded, to understand that it is real science. If The Nobel Institute is not enough, the scientific experiment that proved it in animals was conducted by Harvard University. Ronald DePinho and a team of Harvard colleagues experimented on mice to see what happens when steps are taken to stop telomeres from shortening. The conclusion of the study was: “Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice” . The price of one month trial package is Read terms & conditions before you order. Read more about the product on the science section. Copyright 2014, photos Creative Commons License, Wikimedia.


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